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Why should I subscribe to the Extended JoBot?

Psychological Artificial Intelligence is here: Anywhere, Anytime, All The Time. Psychological information and help when you need it. JoBot offers the tightest possible integration of artificial intelligence and online psychological services. Talk to JoBot or talk to a human psychologist. It is your choice.

The Psychology Network Pty Ltd works with experienced and registered psychologists only. All conversations are confidential and may include the exchange of text messages as well as video chat. Interactions with the online psychologist can be short (6 min plus) or may include hour-long Telehealth sessions by use of secure video. Subscription to the Extended JoBot includes reduced rates for online mental health services (not available in all countries).

Why is JoBot different?

The Extended JoBot with language analysis will give you and your online psychologist feedback on your mood and your mental state. Based on the language analysis first used in the "Mental State Tracker", this means feedback on your dialogue with the system and your emotional state as you use JoBot.

As an artificial intelligence system, the Extended JoBot is superior since it includes (1) deep knowledge about mental health in the form of knowledge bases that capture the everyday working experience of clinical psychologists. (2) A learning capability, not just from interactions between JoBot and its users but also from dialogues between human psychologists and their clients.

The Extended JoBot offers tools to you and your online psychologist to work towards recovery. A subscription offers premium content and access to human, online psychologists at a reduced cost (in Australia and selected countries).

Subscribe to the Extended JoBot and get access to the following features:

  1. The Extended JoBot with premium content (e.g. videos).
  2. Chats with therapists by use of text messages (not available in all countries).
  3. Weekly video updates and group sessions.
  4. Mood tracking to determine emotional state (supervised by an online psychologist).
  5. Analysis of JoBot dialogues to determine mood and potentially depression (supervised by an online psychologist).
  6. Assessment tools for you and your online psychologist.
  7. A 10% reduction of the fee for online sessions with clinical psychologists (in Australia and selcted countries).

Early cancellations are possible. We offer a money-back guarantee.

Please note that with your subscription you accept the Privacy Policy of the Psychology Network Pty Ltd and the Disclaimer for JoBot.

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