Why should I subscribe to the extended JoBot?

Psychological Artificial Intelligence is here: Anywhere, Anytime, All The Time. Psychological information and help when you need it. JoBot offers the tightest possible integration of artificial intelligence and online psychological services. Talk to JoBot or talk to a human psychologist. It is your choice.

The extended JoBot with language analysis will give you feedback on your mood and your mental state. Based on the language analysis first used in the "Mental State Tracker", this means feedback on your dialogue with the system and your emotional state as you use JoBot. Get feedback on your recovery.

The extended JoBot offers psychological assessment methods in addition to information on psychotherapy. A subscription offers premium content and access to human, online psychologists at a reduced cost.

Subscribe to the extended JoBot and get access to the following features:

  1. Analysis of your JoBot inputs to determine emotional state.
  2. Analysis of JoBot dialogues to determine mood and potentially depression.
  3. Interact with JoBot on Twitter by use of direct messaging (DM).
  4. Assessment tools in the form of questionnaires.
  5. Fast access to online psychologists by use of text messages, email and Twitter DM.
  6. A 20% reduction of the fee for online sessions with registered, licensed psychologists.

Start with a one-week trial for USD 10.00 only or get a 1 year subscription to the extended JoBot for USD 145.00. Early cancellations are possible. We offer a money-back guarantee.

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