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One of the benefits of psychological AI systems is their around-the-clock accessibility. For individuals seeking psychological support, this availability and the built-in consistency ensures that the advice or strategies provided remain unchanged regardless of frequency or time of interaction. Furthermore, chatbots are free from personal biases, ensuring that their feedback or responses are objective and based purely on the information presented to them.

Chatbots can assist in managing simpler tasks, allowing therapists to focus on more complex therapeutic processes. On the outreach front, chatbots can be an entry point for individuals hesitant about seeking therapy. They offer a low-commitment, private way for potential patients to explore their feelings or concerns before engaging in a more formal therapeutic relationship.

Generative AI systems without proper control do not give your organisation complete control over what is being said. AI systems build on large language models (LLMs) change over time, and as a result, responses change. This is unacceptable for a mental health professional since it must be guaranteed at all responses by the chatbot are appropriate and helpful at all times.

JoBot™ Modules for Download
The following JoBot™ modules are available for download. Please email us if you would like to have the complete JoBot™ for your Website. All JoBot™ modules include the AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) code plus prompts for LLMs.

1. Anxiety: All structured dialogues and interventions: USD 500.

2. Depression: All dialogues and interventions: USD 500.

3. Relaxation: All dialogues and interventions, including mindfulness and progressive muscle relaxation: USD 500.

4. Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy (CBT): All dialogues, explanations, interventions and prompts: USD 700.

5. Autism: Dialogues, interventions and prompts: USD 300.

Get JoBot™ for your organisation today. Order by email jobot@jobot.ai.

Why you should consider JoBot™ for your organisation
1. JoBot™ is not just a chatbot, JoBot™ is modelled on the daily work of a practicing clinical psychologist. Since JoBot™ is modelled on a professional psychologist, all outputs are guided by extensive clinical knowledge. This makes JoBot™ valuable for every psychological practice.

2. JoBot™'s dialogue structure is based on psychological experience and cannot be changed by machine learning. This guarantees that the programs responses are appropriate and on topic at all times.

3. JoBot™ can conduct and assist with psychological assessments, including questionaires and standardised interviews.

4. JoBot™ supports drafting psychological reports. You can save a significant amount of time by using JoBot™ for report writing.

5. Get JoBot™ for your Website. Enhance your online presence by using psychological AI.

6. JoBot™ uses "psychological prompt engineering" to retrieve knowledge from Large Language Models while maintaining an appropriate dialogue model.

7. Use JoBot™ for Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). Allow your employees to enjoy the benefits of a psychological AI system.