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Psychological artificial intelligence with premium content including therapy and assessment.

The extended JoBot with language analysis allows access to various scores reflecting mood. Based on the language analysis first used in the "Mental State Tracker" app, this means feedback on your dialogue with the system and your emotional state as you use JoBot. In addition, this version offers questionnaires and fast access to online psychologists. JoBot with mood analysis, assessment tools and fast access to online psychologists is available to subscribers.

The Extended JoBot offers the following features:

  1. Fast access to online psychologists by use of text messages, email and Twitter DM.
  2. Critical incident management for managers: Connect with clinical psychologists.
  3. AI analysis of JoBot inputs to determine emotional state.
  4. Examination of JoBot dialogues by AI to determine mood and potentially depression.
  5. Assessment tools in the form of questionnaires.
  6. MyJoBot: Anonymous statistics of frequency of use and performance.

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